Press Coverage of Nail Salon Infections

Woman develops potentially life-threatening infection after pedicure in Winnipeg spa

CBC, February 12, 2016

A Winnipeg woman who developed a life-threatening infection after a pedicure wants Manitoba to toughen up its regulation of spas and salons. In July 2014, Lisa Cefali got a pedicure at a Winnipeg salon before she was supposed to leave on a dream vacation to Europe with her sons.  A week later, her leg became so badly infected paramedics transported her to hospital from the Toronto airport moments before she was to board a flight to Italy. Cefali was admitted to hospital with a severe staphylococcal infection.

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How to avoid nail salon health hazards

Toronto Star, August 22, 2016

Within 24 hours of having a pedicure at a west-end Toronto salon, Kristine Galka had trouble standing on her left foot. Within 36 hours, the foot was swollen — and she wound up in an emergency room. Hospital staff gave Galka antibiotics and told her to come back if her painful, throbbing foot didn’t start improving. It didn’t.

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