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Worry-free Disinfection for your Workplace

PREempt™ disinfectants are NON-TOXIC and break down into water and oxygen for guilt-free use and disposal. Isn't it nice to know you can eliminate some of the unsafe chemicals from your workplace?





“I'm exposed to
enough harsh
chemicals and odours
in my work place!”





Did You Know?

Quaternary ammonium compounds, phenols, bleach and alcohol found in many commonly used disinfectants will irritate eyes, skin, nose, and may cause asthma. PREempt™ disinfectants pose no health risks as they emit no harmful fumes (VOC's) or odours.

Achieving the Right Balance

Powerful disinfectants are easy to formulate, however they are often quite toxic. The challenge is to remain potent AND minimize toxicity. PREempt™ disinfectants achieve the right balance by being tough on germs but easy on people. READ MORE >




Responsible Disinfectants Designed for You, your CUSTOMERS and the ENVIRONMENT

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